Rumours abound over buyoutNo confirmation yet

Dell to buy Alienware?

The web is awash with speculation that Dell is planning a strong move into the hard-core gamer sector with the aquisition of high-end PC vendor Alienware.
The speculation was initiated by a blog post from the CEO of Alienware competitor Voodoo PC – Rahul Sood – at the start of March. While the piece appeared to be purely speculative, web journalists worldwide have picked up on it, culminating in a piece in respected technology news site (see link below).
The piece claims to have heard from a valuable source that the deal has gone through and that Alienware would not confirm or deny it.
If it does happen, the move will signify a strong strategic play from the world’s biggest PC maker. Clearly the gamer market, with its higher margins and strong image is appealing to a company best known for servicing the ‘cheap and cheerful’ and of the market.

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