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Second event of the year is hailed as the best yet. Strong US presence bolsters the line-up.

Irish eyes smile on RetailVision

MANY of Europe?s leading vendors,
distributors and retailers gathered in
Dublin last month for this year?s second
instalment of RetailVision Europe; the
pan-European technology retailer show.

There were even more exhibitors than
at the spring event in Barcelona and
many exciting new products on show.
The highlights included:

Swissbit: The Swiss memory specialist
has followed up its best selling
Victorinox Swissmemory collaboration
with the launch of a combination of a
Swiss army knife and an MP3 player. It
is called the Sbeat, has a minimum
capacity of 1Gb and features a
Victorinox branded remote control. A
distribution deal has already been
made with Ingram Micro.

Identum: The Bristol-based security
outfit has developed a product called
Private post, which encrypts your email
thus preventing hackers from being
able to access its contents. Apparently
unencrypted email is the electronic
equivalent of a postcard in so much as
it is easy to read in transit.

Samsung Pleomax: Not content
with having a stake in nearly every
area of consumer technology, the
Korean giant is making its move in the
peripherals and consumables space.
The Pleomax brand covers most
peripherals and appears to be a direct
challenge to Logitech. There is also a
range of optical media.

NEC: Already number one in the UK
for DVD RW drives, NEC was
promoting its new three-format drive,
which is compatible with the DVD+, –
and RAM formats. It also announced
its new disk labelling technology
called Label Flash, which it expects to
compete with LightScribe.

Geil: Already well-known in the States,
this Taiwanese memory company has
developed a range of flash products
called DAViD (Digital Audio Video
Intelligent Device). It has a distribution
deal with Centerprise in the UK.

Mobile Edge: With a particular
emphasis on the female market,
Mobile Edge has a broad range of
bags which feature good protection
for laptops and combine style and
function well.

Video Without Boundaries: The
Florida-based company showed off its
MediaReady 5000, a linux-based media
centre with DVD player and wireless
keyboard. This product looks set to take
on the new generation of Windows XP
MCE based media centre PCs.

Sling Media: The Slingbox allows you
to use your PC to access your home
TV and video from anywhere in the
world. Using the Internet and a novel
shaped box, you can connect your PC
to your TV and even change channels.

Susteen: A combination of software
and connector leads enables you to
download all the data on your mobile
phone to your PC. Handy if you are
one of those people who can?t go out
for a drink without losing their mobile.

ADS Tech: Some great innovations in
the field of PCTV. ADS Tech unveiled
its latest TV receiver for notebooks
which is the most compact yet. It also
continues to push the boundaries of
video and audio editing products.

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