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ZTE launches cheapest Windows Phone yet

Mat Bettinson
ZTE launches cheapest Windows Phone yet

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE has launched a low-cost Windows Phone dubbed the ZTE Tania which has been priced at around £249 bought outright.

The 4.3-inch ZTE Tania has respectable specifications with a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, half a gig of RAM and 4GB of storage and a decent resolution 480 x 800 screen for a mid-range phone.

Previously most Windows Phones have been high end devices but the ZTE Tania, running Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango', signals that Microsoft's also-ran mobile OS isn't just going after the top end of the market.

Mobile specialist retailer Clove is has the device available for pre-order for £249.99 with an expected arrival date of the 13th of February.


The locked-down Windows Phone OS isn't likely to appeal to techy Android fans but it might seem attractive for the others for which the iPhone's hefty price tag is a bit much to swallow.

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