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UK Burglary Statistics infographic unveiled

Mat Bettinson
UK Burglary Statistics infographic unveiled

Tesco Compare has released an infographic that illustrates the UK buglary statistics including which areas are affected the most and what items are usually taken.

The company claimed that "burglars strike every 40 seconds" and that in 56 per cent of buglaries, the victims are at home at the time. The five most burgled area is the London metropolitan region which had nearly three times the number of incidences as the next highest, West Yorkshire although the fairly unscientific infographic makes no effort to normalise by population.

Manchester, the West Midlands and Thames valley rounded out the top five. Perhaps more revealing is the fact that 73 per cent of the time doors were used in buglaries and Tesco Compare said that those without double locks or deadbolts on doors were six times more likely to be robbed.

Perhaps surprisingly, almost a half of buglaries take place during broad daylight and that lone parent households were more than twice as likely to be burgled.


You can see the Burglary Statistics infographic here.

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