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Razer to make left-hand gaming mouse

Mat Bettinson
Razer to make left-hand gaming mouse

PC gaming peripheral specialist Razer has promised to produce a left-handed version of the Razer Naga after an online on Facebook reached a milestone.

"It’s official, the Left-Handed Naga is happening. The community has spoken!", wrote Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan on Facebook after 10,000 'likes' had been reached within a week of the announcement.

The left-handed version of the Naga gaming mouse is only the second left-handed device the company has made, following the Razer DeathAdder. Min-Liang warned that the 'southpaw' Naga will not appear until 2013.

Min-Liang said that even 10,000 sales of a left-hand Naga mouse would be a "huge loss maker" for the firm regardless but "we do it because we believe that For Gamers By Gamers - means for Left Hand Gamers too," Min-Liang said.


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