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Raspberry Pi Fuze PC heads to Maplin

Laura Barnes
Raspberry Pi Fuze PC heads to Maplin

A new Raspberry Pi-powered programmable computer called the ‘Fuze’ has made its way to Maplin.

Binary Distribution, the firm behind the PC, says that it is the ideal platform for delivering the government’s new ICT curriculum.

The Raspberry Pi edition of the Fuze consists of a self-contained workstation fully equipped with the Raspberry Pi Model B. Configured with a customised version of the BASIC programming language, it’s exclusively adapted to support the Pi and its electronic input/output features.

“With programming back on the curriculum in 2014 and all the recent focus on the Raspberry Pi, both schools and consumers are very quickly waking up to the fact that programming is a vital skill,” Nick Baxter, sales director at Binary Distribution, told PCR.


There is also a Maximite edition of the Fuze available, which has an even more accessible platform due to its built-in BASIC operating system.

Following the launch of the Fuze on Maplin’s website, Baxter says that the firm is looking to develop a strong consumer brand outside of the education channel.

“To be associated with the leading UK retailer for hobbyist electronics is a testament to the Fuze package of offering a comprehensive solution for programming and electronics enthusiasts,” he added.

“Any retailer stocking high-end quality products with an educational bias should be stocking the Fuze.”

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