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PCR Top Stories of the Week

Matt Grainger
PCR Top Stories of the Week

A brief overview of the week's top stories, including the Microsoft's plans for Hotmail and Elton John's effort to save HMV...

Microsoft to pull the plug on Hotmail

Having completed the beta phase of Outlook, Microsoft is to close up its long-running Hotmail service and will roll it into the new platform.

Office 2013 licenses are not transferable


Microsoft has confirmed that its Office 2013 licenses cannot be transferred between different PCs after they have been installed.

Whilst the firm previously allowed users to reinstall their Office 2010 licenses on new machines, Microsoft will not offer users of the new suite the same luxury.

37 more HMV stores to close, Elton John tries to save the day

Deloitte has confirmed that a further 37 HMV stores will close over the next four to six weeks.

But Elton John is planning to dress up in one of his best wigs and most dazzling sequined jackets to put on a gig in one of the stores in an attempt to revive interest in the struggling firm.

New HTC One UK release date and pricing confirmed

Yesterday HTC officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone. Moments after the announcement a number of UK network providers and retailers confirmed prices and availability for the HTC One.

Microsoft Surface fails to dominate, CEO Ballmer remains positive

Newly released data has revealed that Microsoft's Surface tablet continues to struggle, as both versions suffer low market shares.

Stats released by AdDuplex revealed that the Surface RT's market share fell from 7.6 per cent to 6.8 per cent during February alone.

Nvidia reportedly set to unveil GTX Titan

Reports indicate that Nvidia is close to unveiling its latest flagship GPU unit, known as the Geforce GTX Titan.

Currently, the firm's GTX 690 card holds the title as the world's fastest graphics unit, but circulating rumours indicate that Nvidia isn't waiting for new architecture to release an update GPU.

Windows Blue screenshots emerge amidst rumours of new OS

Screenshots of Microsoft's heavily rumoured operating system, codenamed "Blue", have begun to surface.

Whilst the leak offers little in the terms of information surrounding Microsoft's mysterious project, version numbers for Blue have emerged.

Opinion: A PC gamer's thoughts on the PlayStation 4

Greg Lockley shares his thoughts on Sony's new console and tells us why he, as a PC gamer, is underwhelmed.

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