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PCR Awards 2017 finalists revealed

Jonathan Easton
PCR Awards 2017 finalists revealed

The nominations have been tallied up, and today we are pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2017 PCR Awards.

The 2017 PCR Awards are taking place on Wednesday March 8th at The Brewery in Central London

You can book tickets and find out more by visiting the PCR Awards website.

Below is the list of finalists in full:




System Builder

  • Falcon

  • Yoyotech

  • PC Specialist

  • Utopia

  • Chillblast


Indie Retailer

  • iSpecialst

  • Imagtec

  • Chips Computers

  • 121 Computers

  • Black Bear


National Retailer

  • Maplin

  • John Lewis

  • PC Pal

  • Disking

  • Tesco

  • Dixons


Online Retailer

  • Hitari

  • Overclockers

  • Amazon

  • Ebay

  • Ebuyer




  • Sweethaven Business Services

  • Kingsfield Computer Products

  • AML Midlands

  • Firstnet Solutions

  • Sol Tech IT

  • ATG


Corporate VAR

  • Centerprise

  • ComputerWorld Systems

  • Cisilion

  • Keyboard Specialist

  • Integrity360


  • Littlefish

  • Black Bear

  • Transputec

  • Custard Technical Services

  • Kogo


Channel Services


Dealer Services

  • Synaxon UK

  • CompTia

  • Gekko

  • Network Group

  • Brigantia


Marketing & PR Agency

  • Zaboura

  • The PR Room

  • Pick n Mix PR

  • NSPR

  • Turtle Entertainment UK (formerly Kuoda)





  • Sigma Software Distribution

  • Entatech

  • Exertis

  • Ingram Micro

  • Tech Data



  • Terra Computer

  • VIP

  • Tech Data

  • Ci Distribution

  • Spire Technology

  • Westcoast

  • Entatech

  • Exertis


Cloud Distributor

  • Westcoast

  • Ingram Micro

  • Exertis

  • Cloud Distribution

  • Terra Cloud


Consumer Electronics

  • Tech Data

  • CMS Distribution

  • Exertis

  • Hama

  • Peak Development


Marketing & PR

  • Ingram Micro

  • VIP

  • Northamber

  • Sigma Software Distribution

  • Exertis




Software, Services & Support

  • BullGuard

  • Norton (Symantec)

  • Nuance

  • Microsoft

  • Kaspersky Lab



  • Mad Catz

  • Turtle Beach

  • Microsoft

  • Phillips

  • Hannspree

  • AOC International

  • Sennheiser

  • Cherry

  • Asus

  • HyperX



  • Antec

  • be quiet

  • AMD

  • Mayhems Solutions

  • Cooler Master

  • Nvidia

  • Asus

  • Gigabyte

  • Intel


Desktop PC

  • StormForce

  • Terra Computer/Wortmann

  • Cyberpower UK

  • Dell

  • Gigabyte

  • Asus


Mobile & Wearables

  • Terra

  • Lenovo

  • Tactus

  • MSI

  • Acer

  • Asus



  • Qsan

  • TP-Link

  • D-Link

  • Synology

  • Belkin


PCR Company of the Year

This award will be chosen by the PCR editorial team and highlights a company that has had an outstanding past 12 months.


Sponsor opportunities

There are a host of partner packages available for PCR Awards 2017. To find out more and to discuss the partnership opportunities available, please contact Sarah Goldhawk at, Gurpreet Purewal at or call 0207 354 6024.

Confirmed partners so far include Entatech as headline partner, Exertis as after-show party host, Ci Distribution as Entertainment partner, Hannspree as Photo Booth partner, BullGuard as Reseller category partner, AOC as Distribution category partner, and CMS Distribution as Retailer category partner.

Don’t forget your tickets

The PCR Awards is always a popular event, so we recommend you book your tables and tickets early. The Awards take place on Wednesday March 8th 2017 at The Brewery in Central London.

Entry is available through single seats or tables of ten.

To book your tickets, please visit

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