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Microsoft UK volume software prices to increase

Mat Bettinson
Microsoft UK volume software prices to increase

Microsoft is moving to increase British software volume licensing prices in to be more consistent with the cost of the software giant's products in continental Europe.

The value of the Sterling hasn't held up as well as the Euro and responding to complaints from European dealers of lost business to cross-channel grey importing, Microsoft is set to establish "price consistency."

The result is that volume prices for Microsoft software in the UK will rise between "7.5 per cent and 33.5 per cent," the company said in a statement.

"Now is a good time for thousands of UK-based organisations to review their options for buying and renewing Microsoft product licenses," blogged IT provider Softcat.


SoftCat claimed that the changes would mean that UK prices would increase an average of 29 per cent when the changes come into effect on the 1st of July.

"The 29 per cent average price increase may take some by surprise, but it is just the net effect of a number of years’ exchange rate fluctuations,” said Softcat Microsoft specialist Richard Lamacraft.

"Microsoft adjusts its pricing less often than other vendors, which is why people will notice this increase."

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