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John Lewis launches broadband offering

Mat Bettinson
John Lewis launches broadband offering

British department store John Lewis has launched a broadband and telephone service, available via online sign up and via the high street stores.

The new John Lewis Broadband service offers freephone customer support and no activation fees. The retailer is also bundling a Wireless router and PC security package.

Three packages are offered, two of which are delivered over the ADSL network with the Standard package offering 'light to medium' users an 'up to' 16MB/sec service with 20GB data allowance for just £11 monthly.

The Unlimited package runs to £18 monthly as while it's the same speed, there's no download limit. Finally the 38Mb/sec BT-delivered fibre service will cost £25 monthly but is limited to 100GB of data a month.


All packages offer a phone option for £13.50 extra and all packages have no activation fee while also offering a wireless router, PC security software and 0800 customer support. The contract period for all of the packages is 12-months.

John Lewis Broadband is offered as a replacement for the previous Greenbee and Waitrose broadband services.

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