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Intel profit dips but Otellini upbeat

Mat Bettinson
Intel profit dips but Otellini upbeat

Intel reported first quarter revenue of $12.9 billion in what Intel chief Paul Otellini described as a "solid start to what's expected to be another growth year for Intel."

If Otellini's comment seems muted it's doubtless because the quarter broke a string of record quarters and saw profit dip nearly 20 per cent over the previous quarter. Still, the results still outpaced Wall Street projections.

Otellini looked to the next quarter, highlighting the arrival of Intel-powered smartphones in the market and shipping volume quantities of the firm's bleeding-edge 22nm tri-gate components.

The lower sales of desktop PC and server processors is probably a point of transition with Ivy Bridge not far off now. The company reckons they'll rake in a cool US$13.6 billion next quarter.

Nice work if you can get it.

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