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'Indies should embrace e-price tags'

Laura Barnes
'Indies should embrace e-price tags'

Retail technology provider The Herbert Group has said that indie retailers are among those set to benefit most from the industry’s adoption of electronic pricing tech.

The firm recently provided electronic shelf-edge price labels for a trial in Dixons Retail stores. The labels automatically adjust prices store-wide depending on how they fare against competitors’.

When asked whether the services would provide advantages to independent retailers as well as multinational brands, Mark Channen, Head of Marketing for the company, told PCR: “There is a positive trend of consumers supporting indies and shopping locally, and electronic shelf labels can ensure that prices are kept competitive to encourage this.

“Why go out of town when the best deal can be found locally at your independent?”


However, Wilfried Beeck, CEO of ePages, told PCR: “Retailers are in danger of entering a price war which is very hard to win.”

In response, Channen argued that the tech would provide an experience that online wouldn’t be able to recreate.

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