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Google unveils Cube web game

Mat Bettinson
Google unveils Cube web game

Google has launched an online game called Cube to promote the internet giant's Google Maps service.

Cube offers a 3D animated cube with each face made up of the down town regions of major world cities. The player's task is to navigate to particular destinations in the shortest time.

Moving around is a bit like marble madness. The game is also a pretty swish example of the state of browser games too and is worth a look just to see the 3D maps cube itself.

Once upon a time Google might have just whacked it up as a curiosity that vaguely promotes Maps but sadly these days the company is a little more overt. Each stage of the gaps reminds the player about various Google Maps features and has a link to learn more.


Still, it's a fun blast and you might learn something useful about Google Maps along the way so why not?

Cube is at

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