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Google gets gooey for Valentine's Day

Matthew Jarvis
Google gets gooey for Valentine's Day

Google has embraced Valentine’s Day with a number of romantic doodles.

Doe-eyed visitors to Google’s UK homepage are given the chance to design the sweet toppings for their own little cupcakes in a heart-shaped tin, before being given the chance to send the virtual baked goods to their heart’s desire.

Meanwhile, American Googlers are treated to a selection of candy hearts in place of the iconic Google logo.

Clicking on each one provides the narration of a real-life love story, each titled in fittingly saccharine manner: ‘Crush’, ‘Mr. Right’, ‘Blind Date’, ‘4Ever Yours’, ‘First Kiss’ and ‘Puppy Luv’ are arranged for teary-eyed consumption.


The search engine has also partnered with Disney to allow lovers to share a single frame of the Disney movie ‘Blank’ with each other, and to add a romantic message to the chosen image of faceless plastic bears – should that be their thing.

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