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Blizzident toothbrush claims to 'perfectly clean teeth' in six seconds

Matthew Jarvis
Blizzident toothbrush claims to 'perfectly clean teeth' in six seconds

A new toothbrush claims to “perfectly clean teeth” in six seconds, without using electricity or motors.

The device is based upon a scan of the user’s mouth, which the Blizzident website claims will cost between $75 and $200, which is then sent to the company.

The scan is turned into the Blizzident, which resembles a negative cast of the user’s teeth filled with brushes. The initial brush costs $299, with yearly replacements costing either $159 or $89 for a brand-new or refurbished model respectively.

The website features a detailed explanation of how the technology works, explaining that the 45-degree angling of the 400 ultra-fine brushes enables the ‘Modified Bass’ and ‘Fones’ brushing techniques “recommended by dentists worldwide”.


By biting and releasing 10 to 15 times, and then grinding their teeth, Blizzident claims that users will remove 100 per cent of plaque “perfectly – always”.

The techniques take six seconds in total to perform, Blizzident saying that “six Blizzident-seconds are equal to approximately three minutes of brushing time with a manual toothbrush” by brushing every tooth simultaneously. The action is also said to be easy to perform, with “toothbrushing user errors eliminated”.

See a video of the Blizzident in action below:

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