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AMD Catalyst 12.3 drivers released

Mat Bettinson
AMD Catalyst 12.3 drivers released

Intel rival AMD has released a new set of Radeon drivers, taking the Catalyst driver package up to version 12.3, adding support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista for the Radeon HD 7000 series.

With Catalyst 12.3, AMD claims to have fixed the Catalyst Control Center startup delays which have been a fairly common problem for a number of AMD graphics card owners.

In addition, the drivers offer a number of fixes for various PC games including eliminating flickering and texture corruption in Bethesda's Skyrim when anti-aliasing is enabled.

There's also a crash fix for Alan Wake when using DirectX 9 and Crossfire and a fix for a system hang for Far Cry 2 when using high graphics settings and another crash fix for Tom Clancy HAWX related to anti-aliasing.


The AMD Catalyst 12.3 drivers can be downloaded from here.

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