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Acer elects new board of directors

Helen French
Acer elects new board of directors

Taiwan-based vendor Acer has been hard at work today – on top of reducing its target for tablet shipments, shareholders elected a new board of directors and supervisors, as well as approving a cash dividend of NT$3.6 per share.
They also agreed to reduce employee bonuses by 40 per cent, from NT$1.5 billion to NT$900 million.
Earlier in the month Acer announced that it would be lowering channel inventory in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). It planned to give channels a sales allowance of US$150 million to help clear inventory.
The new board has been elected for a three-year term. New members are independent directors Dr FC Tseng and Sir Julian Horn-Smith.
Acer says it expects to benefit from the knowledge and experience of both and that they help create a “well-rounded team to lead the corporation forward and enhance corporate governance”.

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