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A Day in the Life of: Laura Rainbird, marketing manager, Smithie UK

Matthew Jarvis
A Day in the Life of: Laura Rainbird, marketing manager, Smithie UK

Smithie UK marketing manager Laura Rainbird tells PCR of her daily coffee boost and the benefits of an open plan office...

Here’s how a typical day starts for me: I wake up, jump in the shower, make breakfast for my adoring family, step outside into the glorious sunshine and hear that annoying beep again… my alarm clock.

Argh – it turns out that I am not awake, I am not dressed and I have not eaten. Now the dash is on in order to do the school run and get into work on time.

Rather niftily, I have a nice coffee machine to serve me some liquid wake-up juice, which I drink on the way to work. It’s something which my dad used to do – swigging coffee out of his Middlesbrough mug as if he was sat in an armchair watching TV. You often find yourself picking up random day-to-day habits like that.

Once in the office and settled at my desk, I try to refrain from looking at any emails until I have checked my diary and know exactly what my work schedule for the day is.

After juggling meetings, product reviews, adverts, our social media output and Skype conversations with manufacturers, it is finally time to grab something to eat. Forget any diets working here – there is usually some take-away or fast food on offer.

After catching up with the morning’s email onslaught (and with a belly full of curry), I start working on whatever design projects I have going, always keeping my to-do list up to date in my trusted owl diary. Preparation for launches and events are usually sprinkled throughout my day – just to top off the excitement.

What I really love about our office at Smithie is that it is completely open plan – so we can easily break into productive brainstorming sessions and throw ideas (and insults) around. Internal communication and team spirit is a great thing to have in a workplace, and it definitely keeps me energised from one day to the next.


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