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2014 World Cup to give £70m boost to UK TV market

Laura Barnes
2014 World Cup to give £70m boost to UK TV market

The World Cup will have a significant positive effect on TV volumes in 2014, predicts GfK.

GfK forecasts an additional 170,000 TV sales in the late April to early July period compared to normal. This will put an extra £70 million into the UK TV market in 2014.

The uplift will be concentrated on the very largest screen sizes, says GfK. In the 2010 World Cup, 40-42-inch TVs saw the most significant uplifts. 2014 will see a significant impact on screen sizes around 55-inches.

GfK also reports that TV peripherals will benefit from next year’s World Cup, noting that the event will further boost the Sound Bar market.


Nigel Catlow, business group director at GfK warns retailers: “A huge uplift in TV and its related markets is highly likely based on GfK’s historical figures. As there will be a corresponding decline after the event, timing is crucial in exploiting this.”

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