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Stone offers students the Classmate 3

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Laura Barnes
Stone offers students the Classmate 3

“Intel’s education hardware Classmate series has sold over seven million devices worldwide to date.”

New device designed specifically for the classroom

Stone Group's new Classmate 3 is a two-in-one tablet and notebook specifically created for use in the education sector.

The Stone Classmate 3 has a ‘one key transform’ function so it can easy change from a mini notebook to a detachable tablet.

Designed specifically for classroom life, the semi-rugged Stone Classmate 3 is drop tested to 70cm. It’s also resistant to vertically dropping fluid.

Specifications include the latest quad-core Intel Atom processor, delivering a full Windows 8 experience while using only 3 Watts of power.

The student-friendly PC also comes with an IPS-Pro HD screen, dual cameras, USB 3.0, 4GB DDR3L memory, 10.1-inch HD touchscreen LCD, and ten- point capacitive touch which supports both finger gestures and stylus.

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There is also a 1MP rotating webcam for front and rear use.

“The Stone Classmate 3 is an absolute lesson-changer,” comments Simon Harbridge, CEO at Stone Group.

“The device will make it possible for teachers and teaching assistants to be so much more creative and supportive to their students. The same device can now be taken outside the school and used as a teaching aid on a field trip, and then bought back, re-attached to a keyboard, and used to continue the lesson. It’s so simple and will make a huge difference to the easy integration of technology into lesson planning.”

The device is the latest iteration of Intel’s education hardware Classmate series, which has sold over seven million devices worldwide to date.

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