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Razer launches Junglecat gamepad

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Jade Burke
Razer launches Junglecat gamepad

The new Junglecat gamepad features a downloadable iOS app, allowing users to adjust pressure sensitivity

Razer has launched the new Junglecat gamepad, to give users a console-like gaming experience

Consumers have one more mobile accessory to consider purr-chasing.

Razer’s debut product in the mobile phone hardware market, the Junglecat gamepad for iOS devices, is designed to offer a console-like gaming experience, while retaining the portability of mobile devices.

Shaped to blend with the iPhone’s form factor, the 20mm-thick Junglecat utilises a slider that reveals or hides the gamepad as desired. The controller features a full set of gaming functions, including AXBY pressure-sensitive buttons, a D-pad and bumpers.

The Junglecat comes with a downloadable iOS app that lets users remap and define button functions, as well as adjust pressure sensitivity. Up to 20 personalised profiles can be stored on the app.

Apple Game Controller Forwarding is also supported, allowing players to use a Junglecat-equipped iPhone 5 or 5S as a wireless controller for larger-screen Apple products.

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“The crossover of console gamers playing on iOS and other mobile devices is growing in stride,” said Min- Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director.

“The opportunity to design a high-performance gamepad controller for the iPhone was an exciting proposition that we can’t wait to share.”

Price: £79.99 

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