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Philips launches new 4K UltraClear display

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Jade Burke
Philips launches new 4K UltraClear display

The new display includes support for over one billion colours.

With a response time of 1ms, Philips claims this is currently the fastest 4K display

Philips has launched a brand new 4K UltraClear Ultra HD display – the 288P6LJEB.

With its resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, the Ultra HD (UHD) display crams four times as many pixels onto the same area as a Full HD screen.

With a response time of 1ms, Philips claims that the 288P6LJEB display is one of the fastest 4K displays currently on the market.

The screen also includes calibrated support for over one billion colours, meaning it can reproduce colours with total accuracy.

SmartResponse is also included. SmartResponse is an exclusive Philips technology that automatically adjusts response time to suit a running application, and has been designed to eliminate judder, time-lag and ghost image effects.

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The display supports MultiView, enabling users to connect and view two streams simultaneously.

The DisplayPort 1.2 connection supports data transfer speeds of up to 10.8Gbps, for faster imaging and refresh in office apps and movies. The HDMI connection is also MHL-enabled, meaning users can connect mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and enjoy mobile content in HD. With Super Speed USB 3.0, users can transfer files around 10 times quicker than USB 2.0.

To ease desk fatigue, the new display features a Smart ErgoBase, allowing it to be lowered almost to desk level for a more comfortable viewing angle. The base also manages a number of cables for neater desks and living room setups.

Price: £599

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