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PCR Recommends: Defiance

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Greg Lockley
PCR Recommends: Defiance

In addition to heavy weaponry, players can employ alien powers to fight their foes

We join the ranks of the Shadow War in Trion’s third-person shooter MMO

Launching as both an open-world shooter and influential TV spin-off, publisher Trion Worlds is set to offer players a unique transmedia experience with its latest IP, Defiance.

The game offers players a deeper storytelling experience than most standard shooters as players are challenged to conisder the consequences of their actions.

On the surface, Defiance is another shooter title that follows the much- repeated mould: players are able to choose and customise their own character; they have a wide arsenal of weaponry at their disposal; they must go head-to-head with other players. Whilst that rings true to a certain extent, dig a little deeper and Defiance offers an experience that players won’t have witnessed before.

As players make their way through the game’s storyline, they forge their own story. This in turn takes a direct influence over the events that will unfold within the TV series of the same name, set to air weeks after the game’s launch. So linked are the two that players even have the opportunity to interact with characters from the series in-game.

Whilst the TV series follows the actions of nomad Joshua Nolan, players will create their own Ark Hunter – human or alien – and take to the battlefield in order to fight back the hordes of mutants, cyborg miners and Hellbugs that await them.

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In addition to heavy weaponry, players can employ alien powers to fight their foes through the use of AI implants, which provide a host of bonuses, ranging from invisibility to super speed.

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