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New iPad stylus designed for doodling

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Laura Barnes
New iPad stylus designed for doodling

The Scribbly is designed to help people draw and write on the iPad

Scribbly releases new marker pen-inspired stylus

Computers Unlimited has announced that it is now stocking the new Scribbly Stylus Pen, a chunky stylus designed for doodling, sketching and more.

Created by two young designers frustrated by the lack of a comfortable and practical iPad sketching stylus, the Scribbly Stylus Pen has been released in the hope of solving the problem.

The Scribbly has been made to resemble a marker pen with the idea of helping people use wireframing and brainstorming applications with more ease and freedom. This allows users to think of their iPad as more of a digital notebook rather than just a gaming device.

As well as the usual functions such as pointing, tapping and scrolling, the chunky barrel of the Scribbly is designed to help people of all ages draw, write and play on their iPad.

The grip of the Scribbly is much larger then that of an average stylus, with the intention of creating a more natural feel when anyone with any size hand is using the stylus.

The team behind the Scribbly was inspired by the idea that writing on an iPad should have a similar feel to writing on a whiteboard, and using a stylus should feel comfortable and natural. After months of developing and testing various ideas, the team finally settled on the marker pen inspired design to help recreate that whiteboard familiarity.

As well as the iPad, the Scribbly Stylus Pen works with all capacitive touchscreens with an MSRP of £14.99. The stylus is currently available in four different colours – red, black, pink and blue.


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