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Krator unveils a new range of audio products

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Laura Barnes
Krator unveils a new range of audio products

Krator's new range includes the N4 speaker series and Dione headphones

New speakers include aligned audio technology

The new speaker and headphone range from audio and gaming product manufacturer, Krator, incorporates the latest in acoustic science.

The N4-20U05 2.0 USB 5W speaker set has aligned audio technology, which brings the listener full-spectrum sound performance. The N4-21U12 2.0 USB 12W speaker set can be split into three pieces for easy portability and also includes advanced sound alignment technology. The N4-20U16 2.0 USB 16W is a 2-way USB speaker system with a 1-inch Mylar high-frequency driver, a 3-inch full-range driver, and an extra jack for headphones.

Those wanting a powerful bass sound may want to check out the N4- 21U026 2.0 USB 26W speaker system, which has a 2-way satellite design, a powerful subwoofer, and also includes exclusive aligned audio technology. The N4-21U926 also has a 1-inch Mylar high-frequency driver along with a 3- inch full-range driver.

All four series have adjustable bass and volume buttons as well as the ability to play audio from MP3, iPod and iPhone using a 3.5mm jack.

For those looking to keep their music to themselves, the C1140S and C1140C Dione Hi-Fi headphones have revolutionary unit driver technology and specially designed earcups, which presents enhanced bass resonance. These ergonomic headphones have a full aluminium brushed casing and a classic open-back retro design. Both the C1140S and C1140C are supplied with an additional gold-plated 6.3mm plug.


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