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Compact and cool power from Be Quiet

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Dominic Sacco
Compact and cool power from Be Quiet

The TFX?Power 2 and SFX Power 2 have improved cooling

A new range of power supplies aimed at compact systems have been launched, courtesy of Be Quiet.

The SFX Power 2 and TFX Power 2 PSUs both use two 12-volt rails, reaching an 80PLUS Bronze standard of up to 89 per cent power efficiency. An additional special version of the TFX Power 2 reaches an 80PLUS Gold certification of 91 per cent efficiency. 

Both models are equipped with sleeved cables in lengths of 35 to 50 or 65cm for the SFX and TFX respectively.

Cooling has also been improved from the previous series, and both models feature a temperature-controlled 80mm fan.

Both the TFX and SFX are compatible with the C6 and C7 standby modes used by the latest generation of Intel processors and fulfil the newest ErP 2014 European regulations.

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The compact-sized power supplies are designed for use in smaller form-factor high-performance systems alongside graphics cards, such as those used for office and web-client systems, as well as in HTPCs with gaming ability.

The SFX Power 2 provides 400w of continuous power and measures 100x125x63.5mm, while the TFX Power 2 provides 300w and measures 175x85x65mm. Both PSU models are available now.

Contact: Entatech | | Tel: 0333 101 1000 | Price: €67 

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