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Charge your laptop the eco-friendly way

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Laura Barnes
Charge your laptop the eco-friendly way

The EcoCart is currently available in four colours

EcoCart releases 16-bay laptop storage and recharge cart

The EcoCart is a power management system with a programmable timer that conserves laptop battery life and prevents energy wastage, helping offices to reduce electricity bills.

The eco-friendly design helps to reduce your carbon footprint and is constructed out of a lightweight yet robust plastic. The built-in power management system protects laptops whilst preventing building circuits from being tripped. The energy saving programmable 24-hour timer can be set to charge laptops during evenings or weekends to take advantage of off-peak energy supply hours.

Designed with health and safety in mind, the 16-bay EcoCart is made of a non-conductive and anti-static plastic. The power modules and cables are housed in a separate, locked compartment to prevent any unauthorised access or tampering.

The EcoCart is ecologically friendly and 100 per cent recyclable. It can charge up to 16 laptops from a single mains socket and weighs only 30kg.

Currently available in yellow, green, red and blue, the EcoCart is priced at £799.

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