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CCI supplies new Energi To Go range

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Laura Barnes
CCI supplies new Energi To Go range

Energizer's AP1201, XP4001A and Energistick

Energizer products will now be available through CCI Distribution

A new vendor and subcategory of peripherals have been added to CCI Distribution’s portfolio: Energizer specialises in batteries and portable battery-powered devices.

Energizer's Energi To Go range includes power packs to charge smartphones, mobile phones and other portable devices.

The AP1201 is a rechargeable silicone case with a built-in battery specifically designed to charge the iPhone 4 and 4S. This permanent power source can extend an iPhone's battery life by providing nearly twice the power of the battery alone.

The XP4001A is a rechargeable portable charger by Energizer that provides two outputs that can simultaneously charge two devices at once. These devices can be smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 players or gaming devices.

Energizer’s Energistick is an emergency charger specifically for smartphones, giving users up to 90 minutes of extra talk time. This pocket- sized device is portable and small enough to be attached to a key ring and can quickly charge a dead battery.

Energizer has been involved in battery technology for over 100 years and as a brand is well known to consumers. It’s currently in the process of setting up a battery-recycling program. The Energi To Go products have integrated PowerSafe technology as well as a built-in power shit-off mode, which helps maintain a longer charge life.

When customers register their Energi To Go products they will receive a free tips service for life, a free battery check and a three-year warranty.

Retailers can contact CCI Distribution for more information.


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